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Welcome to our Web Site!

Welcome to The Rick Davis Web Site.  Rick Davis and His Magic Banjo's style of playing is a little different than most Tenor players.  He tunes his banjo "Chicago Tuning", which is the same as the Baritone Ukulele or first four strings of a guitar.  The Baritone Ukulele or the Tenor Guitar is a good instrument to practice the chording and fingering on if you don't have a Tenor Banjo.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this style of tuning.  On the one hand it makes playing solo a little more difficult than the Plectrum style and you don't have the range for melody like the Tenor tuning gives you.  On the other hand, you have more options as to style of playing.  Tenor Banjo is usually played with Dixieland Jazz Bands as a rhythm instrument and sometimes will take the lead.  It is also used in Irish or Celtic Music.  With the Chicago Style tuning, used on the four string banjo, you can go from Jazz to Country and even Bluegrass and Folk without changing the tuning as if you were playing a five string banjo.

The Tenor Banjo is not seen or heard as much today in America as it was in the past.  It still has a strong following in Europe.  Most people in the U.S. today, think of the Five String Banjo whenever the word banjo is mentioned.  The five string actually came along after the tenor that has four strings.  The Plectrum Banjo, which also has four strings and a longer scale, is used more often for solo work.  The Banjo is truly an American instrument and we hope to encourage others to help keep it going.

The Tenor Banjo is a "Happy" instrument.  It is extremely hard to be sad when you hear the sound of the Tenor Banjo playing Dixieland Jazz!  It is truly a remarkable instrument!

As this site grows we will keep you posted on what is going on and where Rick is playing.  We will also tell you of any albums that are available for purchase.

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